Dr. J. Padgett Kelly

With twelve years as a Trainer and over 90 workshops under his belt, Dr. J. Padgett Kelly has been an excellent resource for the PopEd Trainer’s Network. Padgett was first inspired to become a Trainer after hosting a workshop in his Biology class at Middle Tennessee State University. He has since helped expand the Trainer’s Network by recruiting fellow faculty to become trainers, leading to nearly a dozen workshops being held annually at MTSU, where he directs the Center for Environmental and Energy Education. Padgett has also represented Population Education nationally as a regular workshop presenter for the National Marine Educators Association.

Padgett’s favorite activity is Food for Thought, which explores resource allocation. He enjoys watching the students be amazed at the differences in wealth and resources among world regions. Padgett not only has shared PopEd resources in the classroom and with other educators; he presented Al Gore with a copy of Population Connection’s “dot” video, World Population, when the former Vice President visited the MTSU campus.