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D=Demographic Concepts; E=Environmental Connections; S=Societal Connections
PDF Description Curriculum
Go for the Green Activity: Through playing a board game, students are presented with various scenarios that help them gain an appreciation for the complexities of making decisions that serve to protect rainforest lands. EM, Forests
Good News, Bad News - Where Do We Stand? Activity: Students determine whether statements on population growth and food issues are "good news" or "bad news." EM, Food&Hunger
Good Old Days TP, 300M
Green Spaces Activity: Students estimate and verify the amount of green space necessary to meet the oxygen needs of the entire class and then design an imaginary city that meets both the oxygen needs and daily living needs of the city's residents. COP
Growing Pains in Texas Hill Country Activity: Students read background information on suburban sprawl, then hold a town hall-style discussion to address possible solutions. EM, Urbanization, P&P, TP
Growing Smarter Activity: Working in groups, students develop a growth plan for an undeveloped area within a city that incorporates smart growth concepts and takes into account the future of the city and its citizens. EM, Urbanization
Habitat Scramble Activity: In a role-playing simulation, students act as species in a habitat trying to survive by collecting cards that represent all of the essential habitat services - water, soil, shelter, space, air, and food. COP
Helping Hands Activity: Students read and discuss a story about people coming together to help one another, and then work to plan a school event to help others in their community. COP
Hill of Beans EM, Rich&Poor, TP, 300M