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D=Demographic Concepts; E=Environmental Connections; S=Societal Connections
PDF Description Curriculum
It's in the Bag: The Grocery Store Dilemma Activity: Students learn about the complexity of environmental decision-making by researching and debating the choice between paper and plastic grocery bags. EM, Solid Waste
Land Use Squared PopMap
Lessons for Life Activity: Students read and discuss a short conversation between two Ethiopian girls, watch two photo essays of school girls in less developed countries, and interpret a graph illustrating the link between female education and fertility rates worldwide. P&P, W7B, PP-Global-Family
Lessons from the Lorax Activity: As a class, students listen to a reading of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax and discuss lessons from the book. COP
Life and Death/ La vida y la muerte Activity: In a short visual demonstration, students observe how populations grow when the birth rate exceeds the death rate. (English/Spanish) NM
Life by the Numbers PopMap
Like Oil and Water Activity: Students conduct lab experiments to identify ways oil spills adversely affect marine wildlife. EM, Oceans, P&P, PP-Water
Living on $500 a Year Activity: Students read and discuss a short passage about living on $500 a year, evaluate their own needs and wants, and brainstorm ways to close the gap between rich and poor nations. EM, Rich&Poor, TP
Look It Up! Activity: Students use easy-to-find reference materials (print and online) such as almanacs, encyclopedias, atlases, and dictionaries to find data on population and the environment. COP
Looking to the Future P&P, W7B, 300M