Meet Our Trainers

We have over 400 educators in our Trainers Network. Here is a sampling of some of the volunteer trainers you may meet at a workshop.

Featured Trainer

Jodi Bondy

As a former high school biology teacher and Academic Advisor in Indiana, Jodi Bondy found the PopEd materials to be a fruitful addition to her lessons—sometimes even causing her students to race into the classroom, eager to partake in the activities. Jodi wanted to share these resources with other teachers and thus joined the PopEd Trainer’s Network in 1994. She loves the opportunity it provides to work with future teachers: “When doing pre-service teacher workshops, I try to make them see how much fun teaching can be!”

One of her favorite memories as a trainer occurred during an Earth Day presentation at her school, where she facilitated a super-sized version of the global simulation “Food for Thought.” Facilitating this activity on such a large scale, says Jodi, was a “pretty powerful moment.” Jodi encourages other educators to join the PopEd Network, noting the many contacts she has made and that “all you need is time and enthusiasm to do the workshops.”

Some of our other trainers

Jerry Zinner

Dr. Jerry Zinner became a PopEd Trainer in 2011 after hosting a workshop in his class and discovering the program. He has since completed over 20 Population Education workshops. Jerry is an adjunct professor in the Watson School of Education at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

Terri Clark

In 2002, Terri Clark attended her first PopEd training session, in search of additional materials to use in the teacher workshops she facilitates at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens. Ten years and over 50 workshops later, Terri has become one of PopEd’s most active Trainers.

Dr. J. Padgett Kelly

With twelve years as a Trainer and over 90 workshops under his belt, Dr. J. Padgett Kelly has been an excellent resource for the PopEd Trainer’s Network. Padgett was first inspired to become a Trainer after hosting a workshop in his Biology class at Middle Tennessee State University.

Dr. Marilyn Lisowski

Dr. Marilyn Lisowski has been a Professor of Environmental Education at Eastern Illinois University since 1987, and previously taught both high school Biology and elementary school.