Meet Our Trainers

We have over 400 educators in our Trainers Network. Here is a sampling of some of the volunteer trainers you may meet at a workshop.

Featured Trainer

Dr. Marilyn Lisowski

Dr. Marilyn Lisowski has been a Professor of Environmental Education at Eastern Illinois University since 1987, and previously taught both high school Biology and elementary school. While as a trainer Marilyn presents workshops in several settings, she most enjoys the ones she holds in her own classroom at EIU. Working with her own students allows her to “follow up and follow through” and even see how they apply the materials in their own classes.

Marilyn was drawn to the PopEd network by the orientation and ethnics of the materials, and also by her desire to provide current and future teachers with well-balanced environmental curricula. Marilyn feels as though her work as a trainer has helped her accomplish these goals and fill an important niche in education. Marilyn encourages other educators to join the PopEd Trainer’s Network, citing the professional development opportunities and interesting experiences being a member provides.

Some of our other trainers

Leifi Tanoi

Leifi Tanoi is a Population Coordinator/Specialist for the American Samoa government. Her role involves educating local students about the environmental and socio-economic impacts that human populations have on the island.

Kristi Karis

After retiring from over 25 years as a middle school social studies teacher, Kristi Karis remains active in the education field, serving as a Student Teaching Supervisor at Hope College in Michigan and a Teacher Consultant for the Michigan Geographic Alliance.

Jodi Bondy

As a former high school biology teacher and Academic Advisor in Indiana, Jodi Bondy found the PopEd materials to be a fruitful addition to her lessons—sometimes even causing her students to race into the classroom, eager to partake in the activities.

Helen de la Maza

Helen de la Maza has been a trainer with PopEd for over fourteen years, facilitating over 40 workshops throughout Southern California.