Supplemental Materials

Earth Day Resources

Earth Day is April 22, 2017. We've created resource packets for elementary, middle, and high school classes that include readings and lesson plans. Download your free copy today! 

Fact Sheets

International Baccalaureate and Population Education: The Diploma Programme

Population Education curricula emphasizes global consciousness and is a unifying topic across the six groups of the IB Diploma Programme.

The Next Generation Science Standards and Population Education

Population Education activities allow for real-world application of science concepts and can be used as a cross-cutting theme across grade levels and subject areas.

Special Education and Population Education

A variety of teaching strategies and interdisciplinary themes are used in Population Education lessons, allowing teachers to easily differentiate for tactile, visual, written and kinesthetic learners and to reinforce knowledge in multiple contexts.

STEM and Population Education

In Population Education activities concepts in science, technology, engineering and math are explored through student-centered activities which promote inquiry about real-world issues.

Magazine and Journal Articles

"Classroom Connections on Population and Wildlife"

Population Education has lessons for a variety of ages on animal habitats and how they are affected human actions. Read this article from Population Connection's Reporter for more information. February 2010; Author: Pamela Wasserman

"Earth's Population and Resources: Concepts for K-2"

From Social Studies and the Young Learner (a publication of the National Council for the Social Studies), September/October 2005; Author: Pamela Wasserman.

"Girls' Lives Around the Globe"

Discover classroom lessons to teach about girls' status around the globe, including education, employment, health and more. From Population Connection's Reporter, February 2012; Author: Pamela Wasserman

"Life Span and Life Expectancy"

From Social Studies and the Young Learner (a publication of the National Council for the Social Studies), January/February 2013; Author: Pamela Wasserman

"Our Growing Planet: Interdisciplinary Population Activities for Elementary Students"

From Science and Children (a publication of the National Science Teachers Association), May 2001; Author: Elizabeth Lerner.

"Our World of 7 Billion: Population Studies in Today's Social Studies Classroom"

From Social Education (a publication of the National Council for the Social Studies), October 2011; Author: Pamela Wasserman