Is your city getting hotter? This NYT interactive has the answer

In a new interactive graphic, the New York Times has taken 2016 temperature data from more than 5,000 cities and displayed it in relation to each city’s normal temperature range.

Want to know how much warmer your city was in 2016 than in the past? Simply type the city of interest into the search bar and you’ll be bombarded with visual data. The daily temperature in 2016 is superimposed over the same day’s historic average temperature. Each city’s average temperature for the full year is provided along with the increase or decrease experienced in 2016.

The cities are located all around the world and range in size.

You can find cities with a small population, like my hometown of West Bend, Wisconsin where the average temperature was 2.1 degrees hotter than normal in 2016.

2016 daily temperatures in West Bend, WI

Or you can look into the temperature changes of megacities like Istanbul and Beijing. In these high density places, the average 2016 temperature rose by 5.4 degrees and 3.7 degrees respectively.

2016 daily temperatures in Istanbul 2016 daily temperatures in Beijing

What we see in these three examples is the case in most cities worldwide – temperatures are increasing.

It’s not good news, but it is good data.

(Graphics are screenshots from the "How Much Warmer Was Your City in 2016" interactive. NYT, 2017)