Climate Change (Earth Matters Unit)

Downloadable unit from the Earth Matters curriculum CD. Purchase now and immediately receive the unit as a PDF.

Background Reading: A Warm Forecast for the Planet

An overview of how human activities have increased greenhouse gas emissions, future prospects for a warming planet, and policy proposals to meet challenges of global warming.

Case Study Reading: Slipping on Polar Ice

Will the polar bear be a victim of climate change? This case study examines changes to its Arctic habitat.


Generating Heat: Students graph carbon emissions and population growth over time and analyze the trends they observe.

Global Warming Begins at Home: Students collect data and compute word problems to calculate their family's contribution of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

An International Greenhouse: As representatives of member nations in a model U.N. simulation, students draft resolutions to address climate change and ozone layer depletion.

Methane Matters: Students examine relationships between human activities and methane production.