Biodiversity (Earth Matters Unit)

Downloadable unit from the Earth Matters curriculum CD. Purchase now and immediately receive the unit as a PDF.

Background Reading: Answering the Call of the Wild

This overview explores why biodiversity is important and what trends are threatening so many of the world's species.

Case Study Reading: Back from the Brink: A Bighorn Sheep Success Story

Bighorn sheep in the American West were near extinction but programs to protect their habitat and transplant them to safer areas have been a wildlife success story.


Bye, Bye, Birdie: Students determine which factors to consider in deciding the fate of endangered species by researching an endangered species and preparing a short presentation on why the species should be preserved. 

The Sixth Extinction: What is the “Sixth Extinction” and how is it different from the mass extinctions of species before humans? Students read and discuss an article by a noted paleontologist and extend their learning through essays on threats to biodiversity, especially those linked to human activities.