Product Catalog: Middle Grades

World Population DVD


Our award-winning video powerfully illustrates world population growth throughout human history.

Teaching Population


On this CD-Rom of 60 activities, you'll find a sampling of our most popular K-12 classroom activities. A perfect introduction to our teaching resources!

People and the Planet: Lessons for a Sustainable Future


Engage your middle school students in hands-on activities that explore some of the most pressing issues of our time including natural resource consumption, biodiversity, social justice and more.

Nuestro Mundo, Nuestro Futuro (Our World, Our Future)


This bi-lingual flip book includes 7 of our favorite activities in English and Spanish. A must for the bi-lingual classroom or ESOL students.

Multiplying People, Dividing Resources


Integrate math and science with this book of 16 teaching activities that develop math skills for middle grades students, while also building students' environmental I.Q.

World of 7 Billion


World population reached seven billion in 2011 and Population Education debuted some new teaching activities to mark the occasion.