air pollution

Why You Should Be Scared to Death of Air Pollution

Part One of our “Benefits of Urban Gardening” Series

Air. We need it to breathe.

This is a painfully obvious observation; yet, due to the alarming decline in the quality of our air due to human activity and the fact that  about 5.5 million deaths are attributed to the increase in air pollutants, it is necessary to iterate this obvious statement all the more in our current situation.

Air Pollution: A Detriment

Improved Cookstoves: A Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

More than 4.3 million people die prematurely from indoor air pollution each year, most of whom live in the developing world where open fires are used as a primary source of energy. Open indoor fires pose a serious threat to human health and the environment. When wood or other traditional fuel sources are burned, dangerous forms of particulate matter are released into the atmosphere (think ash and soot). Of these pollutants, none is more harmful than black carbon.

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