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How to Successfully Teach about Climate Change

In our globalized and rapidly changing world, it has become increasingly important that students leave school equipped to address global challenges such as climate change. But global issues are complicated and many can induce anxiety in children. So how can we talk to students about climate change without suppressing their desire to learn more and take action?

6 Facts You Need to Know About the IPCC's Latest Report

It has been a big year for climate change. From the 2014 UN Climate Summit in New York City to troubling reports on mass extinction and defunation, the pending future of our planet is now a reoccurring topic in today’s current events. This week climate change made headlines once again with the release of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 5th Assessment Report (AR5).

How Does PH-Level Affect the World's Oceans

If you’ve been to the beach this summer, odds are you spent your days splashing in the waves and listening to the sounds of the ocean rhythms. It’s easy to forget that our oceans are more than just a source of recreation; they are in fact a vital part of our global ecosystem supporting nearly 50% of all species on earth. And sadly, they are in grave danger.

Weather versus Climate: What is the difference?

The earth is warming, scientists tell us. Yet many of us in North America experienced one of the harshest winters in decades, with multiple blizzards and record-breaking low temperatures. How can our planet be warming when we still experience such extreme cold? The reason, as Neil deGrasse Tyson points out in a recent episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, comes down to the difference between weather and climate.

Climate Change Effects Are Here and Now

The new National Climate Assessment released by the government this week makes it clear – the effects of climate change are already being felt in every region of the United States and this is just the beginning. From more severe storms in the eastern U.S. to more drought and wildfires in the Southwest, we are already reaping what we’ve sown with unabated carbon and methane emissions. The Assessment, which brought together hundreds of experts, is more than just a static report.

Population Growth and the Spread of Diseases

This past Monday – April 7th – marked the celebration of World Health Day, sponsored by the World Health Organization. The 2014 focus was on the spread of diseases around the globe.

The first World Health Day was celebrated in 1950, back when world population was 2.5 billion. Since the day’s inception, our global family has added an additional 4.5 billion individuals. Let’s take a moment and consider some of the ways population growth has impacted the ability of diseases to spread.


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