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Population and the Power of Parks: Geography Awareness Week 2016

America’s parks are considered one of our country’s national treasures so it’s a fitting tribute that the theme of this year’s Geography Awareness Week is “Explore the Power of Parks.” And parks are just that – powerful. Parks have the power to bring people together, connect us with nature, and offer peace and beauty for all who visit. But our park lands serve a more utilitarian task as well.

“Be the Change” – JMU Students Support Girls' Education

Education is the first step in empowering women and breaking the cycle of poverty. History has proven that when women and girls are educated, they get married later, have smaller healthier families, and have more opportunities in the workforce. However in many places, social, economic, and cultural barriers still stand in the way of women receiving the education they deserve. Of the nearly 1 billion adults who cannot read, about 70 percent are female. In Sub-Saharan Africa, boys are 1.5 times more likely to complete secondary education than girls.

How Climate Change Threatens Global Security

What do climate change and global security have in common? According to U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, everything. When speaking at Stanford University last month, Rice warned that America faces no greater long-term challenge than climate change, calling it an “advancing menace that imperils so many of the other things we hope to achieve.” For Rice, the danger of climate change lies not in its ability to spark the change necessary to create conflict, but in its ability to amplify social, political and environmental tensions.

PopEd Giveaways Galore at NCSS in New Orleans

The National Council for the Social Studies annual conference is near (November 12-15) and the Population Education staff is gearing up for what’s sure to be a great event. This year’s NCSS theme – Celebrate Social Responsibility – fits in well with PopEd resources that strive towards global citizenship and sustainability. As a member of our ever-growing global family, we all have a responsibility to be a steward of the planet and act with others in mind.

Mapping Session

Enthusiasm for teaching global issues at NCSS Convention

Three of us in the Pop Ed Program just returned from Boston where we hosted an exhibit at the annual National Council for the Social Studies Convention, led a workshop for elementary educators and attended sessions relevant to our work. It was a terrific event with lots of enthusiasm for how Pop Ed can help engage social studies students of all ages.


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