Product Profile

Multiplying People, Dividing Resources


Our world of over 7 billion people presents innumerable problems to solve. This innovative kit of 16 “global math activities” reinforces middle school math skills, while addressing timely issues about our changing world. Current issues – from population growth and natural resource use to biodiversity and climate change – will stimulate students’ curiosity.

Lessons include hands-on simulations, cooperative learning exercises and memorable demonstrations, and will have middle-schoolers eager to solve math word problems, create and interpret graphs, compute probabilities and so much more!


Lesson Plans

The Pop Ecology Files (pdf): Which species is which? Students graph and analyze population data for six wildlife species and then compare those to the population growth curve for humans.

Timber! (pdf): In groups, students role-play a forest management simulation to discover what happens to a forest when the demand for wood is greater than the supply and then graph their results.

A World of Difference (pdf): Using dried beans and nuts, students model the probability of biodiversity loss, and the impact human population growth can have on the variety of species in two different forest ecosystems. See the demonstration video »