Historic Water Scarcity infographic

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SUBJECTS: Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Food & Hunger, Public Health, Resource Distribution, Water Use

Line graphs shows the increasing percentage of the population experiencing water scarcity from 1910 through 2010.

Graphic originally published on the Quick Trip to 7.6 Billion wall chart.

Data source: “The world’s road to water scarcity: shortage and stress in the 20th century and pathways towards sustainability” (Kummu, M. et al.)

The data focuses on blue water, as opposed to “green” water. Blue water scarcity is described by the author as “fundamentally divided into two aspects: shortage and stress. Water shortage refers to the impact of low water availability per person…Water stress refers to the impact of high water use (either withdrawals or consumption) relative to water availability.”

Line graph shows the percentage of people experiencing water scarcity over time from 1910 to 2010

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