6 tips for a successful video contest entry: World of 7 Billion student contest

World of 7 Billion Student Video ContestThe World of 7 Billion student video contest deadline is one month away. Here are some tips to help you create a successful video. Find full contest information at www.Worldof7Billion.org/student_video_contest.

  1. Follow the exact challenge of the contest – to tie a global issue to population. The largest percentage of an entry’s score is based on your ability to make this connection. This should not be a video about global poverty, for example, but a video about how poverty impacts, or is impacted by, population. If you don’t make the connection, you’ve missed the mark.
  2. Be picky with the content you choose to include. One minute is a long time and you want to keep the viewers’ attention through it all. Think in terms of value-added – Ex: Does this sentence add substance? Humor? Something eye-catching? If the answer is no, don’t add it. Longer does NOT mean better.
  3. If there is speaking, make sure it is loud enough for the viewer to hear. If you’re concerned about background noise, or that you won’t be heard for whatever reason, consider adding subtitles.
  4. Keep text readable. If you include text (or subtitles) to your video, it needs to stay on the screen long enough for people to read it. You’re familiar with the text and therefore will be able to read it much faster than a standard viewer. Have someone who has never seen your video watch it and try to read the text to judge if you’re providing enough time.
  5. Don’t be scared to use humor.  Be funny! Even a little goofy if it’s appropriate for making your point! Some of the most memorable videos in the past have been the ones with a bit of humor.
  6. Choose a creative title (ex: something beyond “Climate Change”) to make your video more memorable for the judges.

Happy filming and good luck!