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These teaching activities are great for at-home learning because they can either be completed online, or use few supplies or supplies commonly found at home. The lessons are fairly self-directed for students and require minimal support needed from parents.

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Students reaching for poker chips in Tragedy of the Commons simulation
Lesson Plan

In two simulation games, students determine individual short-term consumption strategies that will maximize resources for the entire group. (Distance learning…

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Helpful Tools and Lists for Online Education

Do more with distance learning using these instructional guides and lesson plan template for online courses

7 Awesome Distance Learning Games for Your Classroom

Playing games in the classroom is a great way to engage and motivate students while also teaching important content and... Read more »

Demonstration of water availability for middle and high students shows the limited amount of freshwater on Earth
5 Favorite Water Activities Now Ready for Distance Learning

Some of our most popular lessons here at Population Education are about the connection between water and population growth. With... Read more »

Teaching Geography Online: Tips & Virtual Lesson Plans for Teachers

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Example of an elementary student's city planning design created on Google Sheets
Digital Tools for Teaching Popular PopEd Middle Level Lessons Remotely

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Students gerrymander a map of Texas using the "cracking" method
Digital Tools for Teaching PopEd High School Lesson Plans Virtually

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Video screenshot of a teacher reading an interactive story to her young students for Earth Day
Digital Tools for Teaching Favorite PopEd Elementary Lessons Remotely

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Population Circle notebook modification
5 Lesson Plans for Online Teaching: UNLV Professor Tells Us How She Did It

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Earth Day celebration
5 Distance Learning Earth Day Lessons Your Students Can Do At Home

Even though your teaching has moved online, you can still provide students with meaningful and memorable experiences to promote environmental... Read more »

Picture of the 2020 Census letter that was mailed out in March
It’s a Census Year! Here are 3 Online Activities for Your Students

2020 is a census year and a unique teachable moment, both for students learning online and those meeting in schools.... Read more »

Upcycled art of a colorful bird
9 Summer Activities Kids Can Do at Home with Minimal Parental Guidance

In light of COVID-19 and the switch to distance learning, many parents have taken on the role of home school... Read more »

28 Learning Activities & Lesson Plans for Students’ Distance Learning at Home

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Screenshot of title page from Why Do Populations Grow webinar
Classroom Activities for Teaching About Population Growth: Webinar Recap

Why populations grow is one of the most foundational questions when considering environmental and social issues, and earlier this month,... Read more »

Lesson Plans with Pre-Made Digital Tools for Online Teaching

Download the digital tools that make these activities a snap for your virtual classroom

Students draw age structure diagrams for six countries and discuss the three general shapes of population pyramids
Power of the Pyramids

Students use real-world data to construct and interpret population pyramids and discuss differences in population growth rates among several different... Read more »

Pop Ecology Files

Students graph and interpret growth curves for six mystery species and humans. (Distance learning tool available below!) Students will be... Read more »

Comparing Needs and Wants

Students identify items presented to them as needs or wants, complete a sorting activity, and create a collage of images.... Read more »

Easy-to-Modify Lesson Plans for Online Teaching

These lesson plans can easily be modified for students working at home

Line graph displaying CO2 emissions and human population growth from 1750 to 2050
Generating Heat

Students graph current carbon dioxide emissions and population growth over time and discuss trends they observe.

Student reads an online photo essay about girls' schooling in different countries
Lessons for Life

Students read and discuss a short conversation between two Ethiopian girls about attending school and read and analyze poems about... Read more »

Students use paper plates and counting cards to simulate future population projections
Where Do We Grow from Here?

Students discuss the UN’s population projections to explore how small changes in the fertility rate can produce significantly different future... Read more »

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