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Lesson Plan:

Adding Armadillos

Students become acquainted with the concepts of doubling time, exponential growth, and biotic potential by...

Catching Pollution

Students "catch" pollution (particulate matter) on prepared cards to see the environmental and health-related consequences...

Círculo de la población (Population Circle)

Students experience the changing pace of population growth by simulating the Earth’s population growth over...

Double Take

Students listen to a mathematical folktale and mathematical riddles and solve related word problems. Students...

Earth: The Apple of Our Eye (elementary)

An apple is sliced into pieces to model the amount of agricultural land being used...

Energy Imagery

Through guided imagery, students compare their energy use with that of a Native American in...

Every Drop Counts

Students investigate how much water they use in their lives, both directly and indirectly. Students...

Family Roots

By interviewing adults they know, students learn about diverse backgrounds and consider reasons why people...

Family Tree

Students simulate several generations of a family's growth, comparing a two-child average family size to...


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How do People Create so Much Waste?

An elementary-level reading on the creation and disposal of solid waste.

Grade ,
How do People Use the Earth’s Resources?

An elementary-level reading that addresses renewable and non-renewable resources.

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How do Populations Grow?

An elementary-level reading that discusses population growth trends for wildlife and people.

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How Many is Enough?

An elementary-level reading that addresses carrying capacity.

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How Should People Treat Wildlife?

An elementary-level reading on the importance of protecting wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Las personas y los recursos (People and Resources)

A reading for upper elementary grades that provides an age-appropriate overview of world population trends...

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What are People’s Basic Needs?

An elementary-level reading that describes the basic needs for all people.

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What is a Population?

An elementary-level reading that discusses populations and habitat.

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Why do People Need Space?

An elementary-level reading that discusses our needs for personal and ecological space.

Lesson Packet:

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Earth Day Resources for Elementary Grades

Packet of 2022 Earth Day lesson plans for K - 5th grades. Free to download!...

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Nuestro Mundo, Nuestro Futuro (Our World Our Future) – Elementary

This is a Spanish/English lesson packet for K - 5th grade teachers. It is designed...


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Counting on People: K-5 Activities for Global Citizenship

Fully online, elementary curriculum connects students to the world around them while building their math,...

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Teaching Population: Hands-on Activities

You've found the ultimate multi-disciplinary tool to introduce students of all ages to population studies...


Global Cents

Students develop budgets to meet the basic needs of an American family and a family...

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Habitat Scramble

In a role-playing simulation, students act as species in a habitat trying to survive by...

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How Many Fish in the Sea?

Students estimate a fish population (using goldfish crackers on a flat surface) by sampling.

Millions and Billions

Through riddles, an art project, and small group problem solving, students gain an appreciation for...

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Mining for Chocolate

After matching everyday products to their rock or mineral sources, students “mine” chocolate chip cookies...

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Panther Hunt

Students gain an understanding of carrying capacity when they act as predatory animals in a...

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Stork and Grim Reaper

In a short demonstration using water and measuring cups, students observe how populations grow when...

Grade ,

In this role-playing simulation, students discover what happens to a forest when the demand for...

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Who Polluted the Potomac?

Watch the video to see Pop Ed staff walk you through the lesson. "Who Polluted...


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10 Most Populous Countries infographic

Bar graph shows the populations of the 10 most populous countries. The top 10 most...

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Average U.S. House and Household Size infographic

Infographic shows that the average size of houses in the United States has increased from...

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Ecological Footprint Over Time infographic

Infographic compares the number of Earths needed to provide for humans' current consumption over time....

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Energy Use Comparison infographic (1 American uses as much energy as…)

Infographics shows that 1 person in the U.S. consumes as much energy as 2 French,...

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Forest Coverage Over Time infographic

Line graphs display forest loss in Indonesia and the Brazilian Amazon, showing the percentage of...

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Loss of Coral Reefs infographic

Graphs show the percentage of three reefs - Caribbean Reefs, West Indian Ocean Reefs, and...