Grades K-2, 3-5

Counting on People: K-5 Activities for Global Citizenship

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Resource Overview

Fully online, elementary curriculum connects students to the world around them while building their math, literacy, technology, and critical thinking skills. Students explore the fundamentals of human geography and ecology including how populations grow and use resources, the importance of wildlife and healthy ecosystems, and how we can all work toward a sustainable planet where everyone’s needs are met.

Counting on People includes: 45 hands-on activities that are tied to national, Common Core, NGSS, and state standards, service learning ideas for community awareness and change, recommended children’s literature and multimedia tools, links to online resources for you and your students, puzzles, readings, and more!

Counting on People is an online lesson plan library for elementary teachers on environmental stewardship and global citizenship

Features of This Resource

  • Ideas for service learning projects to connect students with their community.
  • Great lessons to simultaneously combine global learning with SEL (social emotional learning).
  • Children’s literature book list will help reinforce lesson objectives.
  • Art and technology connections offer robust options for connecting with all learners.

Preview Lesson Plans & Readings

Sample a few of the lessons and readings found in the curriculum:

Lesson Plans

Earth: The Apple of Our Eye (elementary)

- An apple is sliced into pieces to model the amount of agricultural land being used on Earth while students track...

Mining for Chocolate

- After matching everyday products to their rock or mineral sources, students “mine” chocolate chip cookies to discover the impacts of...

More or Less

- Students construct a word web to show the possible cause and effect relationships of a growing population. Students will be...

Panther Hunt

- Students gain an understanding of carrying capacity when they act as predatory animals in a finite area and attempt to...

People Count

- Students conduct a census of their schoolmates’ households and then chart and analyze the data to create a bar graph....


What is a Population?

- An elementary-level reading that discusses populations and habitat.

How Many is Enough?

- An elementary-level reading that addresses carrying capacity.

What are People’s Basic Needs?

- An elementary-level reading that describes the basic needs for all people.

How Do I Get This Curriculum?

This curriculum is available for purchase in our store.

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