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STEAM Activities for a Brighter World

February 28, 2024

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm ET

Are you a teacher looking for activities that inspire your students’ creativity and engage their problem-solving skills? Join us on Wednesday, February 28th from 4:30- 5:30 pm EST, for a free professional learning webinar where we will share STEAM activities for K-8 students.

During this interactive session, you will participate in classroom lessons that have students to collaborating, communicating their ideas, and engineering solutions to some of today’s biggest challenges.

This interdisciplinary approach to learning can ignite students’ passion and empower them to innovate, both in the classroom and beyond, for a more sustainable future. This session is perfect for elementary or middle school science, technology, math, and art teachers. Register today to collaborate with like-minded educators and walk-away with classroom-ready lessons.

Elementary students complete a STEAM project to add Art to STEM

Past Webinars

Watch a past Population Education webinar on-demand.

Help students work on and practice their argumentation skills, an important step in becoming a global citizen.
Help students unpack the complexities of climate change - the data, the inequalities, and the solutions.

Take Learning Outdoors this Earth Day

Looking for easy-to-implement learning activities that will get your students exploring connections to nature and their communities this Earth Day? Better yet, want tips on how to take these lessons outside?
With our agricultural footprint ever-expanding, how do we feed 8 billion people in a way that is environmentally sustainable?
World population hit 8 billion in November 2022. This is an opportunity for authentic learning on population growth and demographic trends.
Teach global topics in your elementary classroom with activities that also help your students practice the five SEL competencies.
Perfect materials for celebrating a globally-minded Earth Day, and beyond!
Not only can air pollution be investigated in local and global contexts, but a cross-curricular study of air pollution integrates 21st century skills into high school classrooms.
Learn fun and memorable ways for teaching about human impacts on ecosystems that are scalable for middle and high school grades.
Innovative lessons that use modeling to explore and help us understand environmental phenomenon and future eco-challenges.
From the movement of people and cultures, to drivers of international trade, to the complex environmental challenges that bind us all - global connections abound.
Lessons and materials for teaching about the connection between Earth's water and human population in grades 4-12.
This teacher webinar covers one of the most fundamental, yet complex questions of demographics: Why do populations grow?
Teaching about the census is a great opportunity for social studies and real-world math. Get ideas for teaching the census in your virtual classroom!
A must-watch webinar for teachers of any grade, K-12. Great ideas for meaningful and memorable experiences to promote environmental stewardship.