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Counting on People: K-5 Activities for Global Citizenship


Counting on People is an elementary curriculum that connects students to the world around them while building their math, literacy, technology, and critical thinking skills. Explore the fundamentals of human geography and ecology including how populations grow and use resources, the importance of wildlife and healthy ecosystems, and how we can all work toward a sustainable planet where everyone’s needs are met.

The resource is fully online – no book or CD-ROM needed! It includes: 45 hands-on activities that are tied to national, Common Core, NGSS, and state standards, service learning ideas for community awareness and change, recommended children’s literature and multimedia tools, links to online resources for you and your students, puzzles, readings, and more!

After purchasing, you will receive a URL and passcode. Enter the site at any time to access up-to-date and classroom-ready resources.

What Teachers Are Saying
Most science teachers will spend a good part of their adult lives searching for quality materials that teach difficult concepts. [The authors] have taken "carrying capacity," sampling and a variety of heavy environmental ideas then brought them down to Earth and well within the reach of the average upper elementary student.
National Science Teachers Association
This software is a very comprehensive resource. The number of activities within each thematic unit is vast and extensive and covers plenty of ground ... Units lend themselves well to a STEM-based curriculum.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Lesson Plans

Earth: The Apple of Our Eye (Elementary Version) (pdf): A visual demonstration that illustrates the limits on farmland, making the importance of conservation clear.
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Mining for Chocolate (pdf): After matching everyday products to their rock or mineral sources, students “mine” chocolate chip cookies to discover the impacts of many mining operations.
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More or Less (pdf): Students construct a word web to show the possible cause and effect relationships of a growing population.
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Panther Hunt (pdf): Students gain an understanding of carrying capacity when they act as predatory animals in a finite area and attempt to accumulate enough food to stay alive.

People Count (pdf): Students conduct a census of their schoolmates’ households and then chart and analyze the data to create a bar graph.

Preview Readings

What is a Population? (pdf): An elementary-level reading that discusses populations and habitat. How Many is Enough? (pdf): An elementary-level reading that addresses carrying capacity. What Are People’s Basic Needs? (pdf): An elementary-level reading that describes the basic needs for all people.