Lesson Plan

Grades K-2

Who Polluted the River?

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20 minutes

SUBJECTS: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Community Connections, Water Pollution

Resource Overview

Through an interactive story, K-2 students experience the pollution of a river over time and propose methods to protect the river from current and future pollution.

Students will be able to:
  • Name two pollutants that can harm the health of a river.
  • Identify how the health and use of rivers has changed over time.
  • Propose methods for preventing and cleaning up water pollution.
Young learners hear an interactive story about river pollution

Features of This Resource

  • Students add “pollutants” to a bowl of water that represents a river
  • A favorite lesson plan for Earth Day
  • Students practice chronological thinking
  • Teacher can pre-record story and provide video for distance learning

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