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Lesson Plan:

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7 Billion: Where Do You Stand?

Students articulate their thoughts about the ethical issues related to population reaching seven billion and...

A Woman’s Place

Through an article, video, simulation game, and small group research, students explore factors that influence...

Acid Tests

Students test different pH solutions on radish seeds to determine the optimal level for seed...

Adding Armadillos

Students become acquainted with the concepts of doubling time, exponential growth, and biotic potential by...

All in the Family

Students use beans to model population growth in several mystery countries while varying four key...

Almighty Aquifers

Students participate in a game that mimics the relationship between population growth and aquifer depletion....

American HerStory

Students examine their own perceptions of gender roles through two short mental exercises, then research...

Bye, Bye, Birdie

Students determine a list of criteria to use when deciding the fate of endangered species,...

Cap and Trade Game

Students play a game that simulates a cap and trade system, and analyze its successes...


A Healthier Rwanda: Progress for Mothers and Babies

Health case study reading: Discover Rwanda's success in improving child and maternal mortality over the...

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America Eats

Secondary-level reading surveys past and present food and diet trends in the United States –...

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America Learns

Secondary- level reading provides a journey through the history of schooling (K-12 and higher education)...

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America Moves

Secondary-level reading traces the history of transportation in the United States from horse-drawn carriages to...

America Pairs Up

Secondary-level reading provides an overview of the history of love and marriage in the U.S.,...

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America Works

Secondary-level reading looks at the history of work in the United States for different segments...

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American Environmentalism

Secondary-level reading explores the relationship between U.S. people and the natural environment from early settlements...

An All-Consuming Challenge

Personal consumption background reading: What is an ecological footprint and what are the impacts of...

Anti-Poverty Projects: Scaling Up Effective Innovations

Rich and poor case study reading: There are already great inventions for reducing global poverty....

Lesson Packet:

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330 Million in the USA

U.S. population takes center stage in this downloadable packet of classroom lessons, 330 Million in...

Air Pollution and Solid Waste unit

Thematic unit for the middle school classroom covers issues related to garbage and solid waste...

Air Pollution unit

Thematic unit for the high school classroom on outdoor and indoor air pollution. Includes teaching...

Biodiversity unit

Thematic unit for the high school classroom on biodiversity issues, endangered animals, and extinction rates....

Climate Change unit

Thematic unit for the high school classroom covers a wide range topics related to climate...

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Earth Day Resources for Elementary Grades

Packet of 2023 Earth Day lesson plans for K - 5th grades is free to...

Earth Day Resources for High School

Packet of 2023 Earth Day lesson plans for 9th - 12th grades. Free to download!...

Earth Day Resources for Middle Grades

Packet of 2023 Earth Day lesson plans for 6 – 8th grades is free to...

Energy unit

Thematic unit for the high school classroom on energy issues in more developed and less...


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Counting on People: K-5 Activities for Global Citizenship

Fully online, elementary curriculum connects students to the world around them while building their math,...

Earth Matters: Studies For Our Global Future

A must for high school students to explore some of the most pressing environmental, social...

People and the Planet: Lessons for a Sustainable Future

Fully online, interdisciplinary curriculum helps middle school students understand the connections between human population growth,...

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Teaching Population: Hands-on Activities

You've found the ultimate multi-disciplinary tool to introduce students of all ages to population studies...


Carbon Crunch

Students work in small groups to determine the main environmental concerns during given periods of...

Chips of Trade

Acting as countries in a simulation game, students discuss how resources are inequitably distributed throughout...

Crowding Can Be Seedy

A simulation and gardening lab that gives students hands-on experience with the effects of increasing...

Demographically Divided World

In small groups, students explore changes in regional fertility rates and life expectancy trends over...

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Earth: The Apple of Our Eye

A visual demonstration of the limited farmland available on Earth (instructor cuts an apple to...

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Food for Thought

Acting as the residents of five major regions of the world, students compare various statistics...

For the Common Good

In two simulation games, students determine individual short-term consumption strategies that will maximize resources for...

Global Cents

Students develop budgets to meet the basic needs of an American family and a family...

Go Fish!

Students share a bowl of goldfish crackers to simulate even and uneven consumption of limited...


@PopulationEd on Twitter

Join Population Education on Twitter! We love connecting with teachers and educators in the twitterverse....

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10 Most Populous Countries infographic

Bar graph shows the populations of the 10 most populous countries. The top 10 most...

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A Quick Trip to 7.6 Billion poster

Colorful, informative poster makes the perfect classroom wall decoration - it inspires conversations and questions....

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Average Number of Children Per U.S. Family (Historic), infographic

Line graph shows the average number of children per woman in the United States over...

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Average U.S. House and Household Size infographic

Infographic shows that the average size of houses in the United States has increased from...

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Carbon Emissions and Population Over Time infographic

Bar graph shows change in global population from 2 billion people in 1927 to 7.3...

Child Health in Low Income Countries infographic

Bar graphs show the percentage of children in low income countries who have access to...

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CO2 Emissions of the 10 Most Populous Countries infographic

Bar graph shows the amount of carbon dioxide per capita, in metric tons, is emitted...

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Degree of Impact cards

Six cards that compare resource use in the United States and worldwide.