6-8, 9-12

A Quick Trip to 8 Billion poster

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SUBJECTS: Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Education, Carrying Capacity, Fertility/Mortality, Food & Hunger, Ecological Footprints, Energy, International Comparisons, Forests, Public Health, World Population Trends/History, Urbanization, Oceans

Colorful, informative poster makes the perfect classroom wall decoration – it inspires conversations and questions. What historic events made it possible for our human population to reach 8 billion? What does it mean for the Earth’s environment and our human systems to have 8 billion people on the planet?

On one side of the wall chart you’ll find a timeline with photographs, demographic data points, and visual displays showing the causation behind changing birth and death rates that brought us to a global family of 8 billion in 2022.

The other side of the wall chart uses a variety of infographics to show the challenges we face as human numbers continue to increase – from meeting basic human needs to the delicate balance of natural ecosystems.

Features of This Resource

  • 27″ x 37.5″ poster
  • Easy-to-read data visualizations on urbanization, rainforest cover, child health, and more are sure to grab the interest of all ages
  • Accompanying lesson plans make the poster come alive as a teaching tool in your classroom

Accompanying Lesson Plans

The following downloadable lessons engage students with the poster

Lesson Plans

Exploring the Timeline

- Through written analysis of the timeline on the Quick Trip to 8 Billion poster, students explore how past events have... Read more »

Infographic Scavenger Hunt

- Through collaborative analysis of visual data on the Quick Trip to 8 Billion poster, students investigate how demographics and resource... Read more »

Report Card for the Planet

- Students use the poster, A Quick Trip to 8 Billion, to determine whether progress has been made in key indicators... Read more »

Supplemental Materials