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A Quick Trip to 8 Billion



This colorful poster is a great addition to your classroom – it’s current, informative, and directly supplements your teaching content! Zoom in on the e-poster to see more details.

On one side of the wall chart you’ll find a timeline of historical events, inventions, and social movements that tell the story of our rapid population growth over the past 200 years. Using photographs, demographic data points, and visual displays we see the causation behind changing birth and death rates that brought us to a global family of 8 billion people in 2022.

The other side of the wall chart uses a variety of colorful infographics to show the challenges we face as human numbers continue to increase – from meeting basic human needs to the delicate balance of natural ecosystems. Easy-to-read data visualizations on urbanization, rainforest cover, child health, and more are sure to grab the interest of all ages.

Note: Get multiple posters at a reduced price. One poster is $5 but if you buy 2 or more, they are just $4/each. An easy, and inexpensive, way to display both sides!

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Lesson Plans

Three lessons plans accompany the poster

Exploring the Timeline – Through written analysis of the timeline on the Quick Trip to 8 Billion poster, students explore how past events have contributed to our current population size and resource use.

Infographic Scavenger Hunt – Through collaborative analysis of visual data on the Quick Trip to 8 Billion poster, students investigate how demographics and resource use have changed over time and how we can reduce future environmental impacts.

Report Card for the Planet – Students use the poster, Quick Trip to 8 Billion, to determine whether progress has been made in key indicators of human well-being and environmental health over the past two centuries and then evaluate what these changes mean.