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Population Dynamics (Earth Matters Unit)


Downloadable unit from the Earth Matters curriculum CD. Purchase now and immediately receive the unit as a PDF.

Background Reading: The People Connection

An overview of world population history, current demographic trends, and the concept of “carrying capacity.”

Case Study Reading: Family Planning in Iran

Examine an Islamic country that has made population stabilization a national priority through progressive family planning programs.

Demographic Facts of Life: Students calculate the rate of natural increase and corresponding doubling time for several countries. Students calculate the time it has taken for the world to replace the number of people lost in historic disasters.

Double Trouble: Students explore the concepts of exponential growth and doubling time through a lab activity with yeast and an analysis of the human population growth curve.

Power of the Pyramids: Students construct and interpret population pyramids (age-sex distribution graphs) and discuss differences in population growth rates among several countries.

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