Lesson Plan

Grades 9-12

A Woman’s Place

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15 minutes (Part 1); 20 minutes (Part 2); Several class periods (Part 3)

SUBJECTS: Language Arts, Social Studies

TOPICS: Education, Family Size Decisions, Women's Issues

Resource Overview

Through an article, video, simulation game, and small group research, students explore factors that influence women’s fertility decisions in countries around the world.

Students will be able to:
  • Read and respond to comprehension questions from an article on the status of women in Pakistan.
  • Consider probability, age, and personal preferences to hypothesize the size and make-up of their own projected family size.
  • Conduct and present research on the status of women in different countries.

Features of This Resource

  • Calculating averages and probability
  • Students include multimedia and visual displays to communicate their research
  • Lesson plan on the theme of women and demographic change

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