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Grades 9-12

Earth Day Resources for High School

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SUBJECTS: Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Agriculture, Community Connections, Climate Change, United Nations, Personal Consumption, Water Pollution

Resource Overview

Packet of 2023 Earth Day lesson plans for 9th – 12th grades. Free to download!

The 2023 Earth Day theme is “Invest in Our Planet.”

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Features of This Resource

  • Perfect set of activities for your secondary Earth Day teaching module
  • Student reading provides an overview of an ecological footprint and the impacts of personal consumption. A case study reading dives into fast fashion and its impact on the environment, communities, and the economy.
  • Engagement with global challenges will inspire students to be global change makers

Included Lesson Plans and Readings

The following are included in the packet:

Lesson Plans

Cap and Trade Game

- Students play a game that simulates a cap and trade system, and analyze its successes and weaknesses as a policy

In Search of Sustainable Life

- Students develop an index of factors most important to a sustainable community and develop models for measuring those factors.

One for All

- In a simulation, students desiring to draw renewable resources from a common pool determine short-term consumption strategies that will preserve...

Water, Water Everywhere (MS/HS)

- Students observe a brief demonstration on the distribution of the world’s water and then calculate how much water they use...


An All-Consuming Challenge

- What is an ecological footprint and what are the impacts of using so much stuff? How do personal consumption decisions

Cheap Threads, Costly Impacts: The Price of Fast Fashion

- Personal consumption case study reading: Examine how fast fashion (like H&M, Zara, Shein, etc.) impacts the environment and economy.

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