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Grades 6-8

Earth Day Resources for Middle Grades

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SUBJECTS: Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Agriculture, Air Pollution, Climate Change, Minerals, Natural Resource Use - General, Personal Consumption

Resource Overview

Packet of 2021 Earth Day lesson plans for 6th – 8th grades. Free to download!

The 2021 Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth.”

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Features of This Resource

  • Engages middle school students with important questions like: How can we take action against climate change? How can we be sustainable even as our population grows?
  • Three lesson plans include direct climate action opportunities for middle level students
  • Fun and interactive lessons will make a memorable Earth Day

Included Lesson Plans and Readings

The following are include in the downloadable packet:

Lesson Plans

For the Common Good

- In two simulation games, students determine individual short-term consumption strategies that will maximize resources for the entire group. (Distance learning... Read more »

In Search of Sustainable Life

- Students develop an index of the ten factors they identify as most important to a sustainable community and develop models... Read more »

Meat of the Matter

- Students graph global meat consumption, use manipulatives to explore the environmental impact of four different types of protein, and discuss... Read more »

People and Climate Change: The Data Is In

- Students interpret various forms of data (graphic, written, and visual) and identify relationships between population growth, greenhouse gas emissions, temperature... Read more »

What’s Up in the Air?

- Students interpret photos, along with historical accounts and online research, to deduce what human activities contribute to air pollution and... Read more »


Making a Difference for People and the Planet

- Sustainable future background reading: Sustainable thinking is key to ensuring a healthy planet in the years ahead. Students consider how... Read more »

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