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Grades 6-8

Earth Day Resources for Middle Grades

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SUBJECTS: Math, Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Agriculture, Economics, Ecological Footprints, Natural Resource Use - General, Personal Consumption

Resource Overview

Packet of 2023 Earth Day lesson plans for 6 – 8th grades is free to download! Perfect resource for engaging your middle level students in the 2023 Earth Day theme: “Invest in Our Planet.”

Don’t teach middle level? Check out our Earth Day resource packets for High School and Elementary.

Features of This Resource

  • What are some of the ways people impact the planet? What can I do, and what can we do, to help? How can we be sustainable even as our population grows?
  • Fun and interactive lessons will make a memorable Earth Day

Included Lesson Plans and Readings

The following are included in the downloadable packet:

Lesson Plans


- Students examine their own values by considering various environmental dilemmas and evaluating how different reactions impact the planet. Students will...

If Money Won’t Buy It

- Students participate in a budgeting activity to weigh everyday actions against their environmental impact. Students will be able to: Determine...

Meat of the Matter

- Students use manipulatives to explore the environmental impact of four different types of protein, and the pros and cons of

Secret Life of Stuff

- Students compare the life cycle stages of four everyday products in order to hypothesize which item has the lowest environmental...


- In this role-playing simulation, students discover what happens to a forest when the demand for wood is greater than the...


The Human Footprint: Land

- Land use background reading: As population grows, we develop wild areas and arable land and overuse resources like soil, minerals,...

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