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Grades K-2, 3-5

Earth Day Resources for Elementary Grades

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SUBJECTS: Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Biodiversity/Habitat, Carrying Capacity, Climate Change, Ecological Footprints, Natural Resource Use - General, Personal Consumption, Solid Waste

Resource Overview

Packet of Earth Day lesson plans for K – 5th grades. Free to download!

The 2020 Earth Day theme is “climate action.” This lesson packet includes call-outs for climate connections, making it easy for you to provide climate action opportunities for your elementary students.

Features of This Resource

  • Engages elementary students with important questions like: How can we take action against climate change? How can we be sustainable even as our population grows?
  • Two lesson plans include direct climate action opportunities for elementary students
  • Fun and interactive lessons will make a memorable Earth Day

Included Lesson Plans and Readings

The following are include in the downloadable packet:

Lesson Plans

Green Spaces

- Students estimate and verify the amount of green space necessary to meet the oxygen needs of the entire class and... Read more »

Habitat Scramble

- In a role-playing simulation, students act as species in a habitat trying to survive by collecting cards that represent all... Read more »

Lend a Hand to the Earth

- Students create handprint art and write an action they will take to protect the environment. Students will be able to:... Read more »

Waste A-Weigh

- By weighing and recording their lunch waste every day for a week, students learn how conservation efforts can reduce the... Read more »

Who Polluted the River?

- Through an interactive story, students learn how, as human populations have increased, many of our rivers have become polluted. Students... Read more »


How do People Use the Earth’s Resources?

- An elementary-level reading that addresses renewable and non-renewable resources.

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