Lesson Plan

Grades 6-8

For the Common Good

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20 minutes (Part 1); 15 minutes (Part 2)

SUBJECTS: Math, Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Carrying Capacity, Resource Distribution, Sustainability: Sharing Common Resources

Resource Overview

In two simulation games, students determine individual short-term consumption strategies that will maximize resources for the entire group. (Distance learning tool available below!)

Students will be able to:
  • Identify a strategy that would produce a sustainable use of resources in a simulation game.
  • Draw parallels between the chips used in the game and renewable resources upon which people depend.
  • Analyze how the actions of participants in resource simulation games are similar or different from the actions of people in real-world situations.

Features of This Resource

  • Tragedy of the commons simulation
  • Great lesson plan for social economics
  • Scalable to explore local, regional or global issues
  • Students participate in classic “prisoners dilemma” activity from game theory

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