Curated Lessons and Materials for Teaching About Climate Change

Do you want to teach about climate change but aren’t sure where to begin? There are tons of climate resources out there for teachers, many of which are accurate, engaging, age-appropriate and teacher-friendly. But then… there are also those that aren’t. If you’re overwhelmed by finding credible activities and lessons on climate change, SubjectToClimate might be just the website you need.

SubjectToClimate Connects Teachers with Credible Materials

SubjectToClimate is a clearinghouse of hundreds of free climate change teaching materials. These curated resources come from a wide variety of organizations, non-profits, schools and other partners, and Population Education is excited to be one of them! So rather than visiting all of these groups’ websites in search of the perfect climate lesson, you can use SubjectToClimate’s easy filters to find the perfect resource for you, whether it’s from NASA, the American Museum of Natural History, BioInteractive, or PopEd!

They Review Lesson Plans, So You Don’t Have To

One of the things we love about the activities you’ll find on the SubjectToClimate site is that they’re reviewed by both scientists and teachers. This means each resource has been checked for credibility, objectivity and scientific standards, as well as being easy-to-use and engaging in the classroom. Beyond that, the synopsis and teaching tips provided for every lesson make them even more accessible. Some of the tips offer ideas for differentiation, necessary background knowledge, or skills that are highlighted in the lesson.

Inform and Inspire on Climate Change

As teachers, we want to prepare students to live in the real world, and that means teaching about the realities of climate change. But we also want to energize students to be a positive presence in their communities and inspire them with the confidence to make a difference. Visit SubjectToClimate today to be connected with lessons and teaching materials that will do both.