How Big is 8 Billion?

8 billion is a big number. But how big?

The United Nations said we’d have 8 billion people on the planet on November 15, 2022. That’s a lot of people!

World map made up of people.

Help for Understanding 8 Billion

Here are some helpful ways to think about the size of 8 billion and the magnitude of the global population.

• Take 8 billion steps, and you’d circle the Earth 139 times.

• If you’re 8 billion seconds old, you’re 254 years old. (Does that make your knees hurt?!)

• Stack 8 billion pennies, and you’d make a tower 6,960 miles high. Lay that stack of pennies on its side, and it would cross the continental U.S. three times!

• Let’s say counting was your full-time job, so you did it 8 hours every day. It would take you 761 years to count to 8 billion.

• Do you like bananas? It would take you 200 lifetimes to eat 8 billion bananas.

• Crowd 8 billion people together, and they’d almost cover the land area of Alaska. And where would the moose go?


Image credit: World map (ID 1249786 © Jurgen Ziewe |