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Earth: The Apple of Our Eye

A visual demonstration of the limited farmland available on Earth (instructor cuts an apple to model available arable... Watch Now

Habitat Scramble

In a role-playing simulation, students act as species in a habitat trying to survive by collecting cards that... Watch Now

How Many Fish in the Sea?

Students estimate a fish population (using goldfish crackers on a flat surface) by sampling.... Watch Now

Mining for Chocolate

After matching everyday products to their rock or mineral sources, students “mine” chocolate chip cookies to discover the... Watch Now

Panther Hunt

Students gain an understanding of carrying capacity when they act as predatory animals in a finite area and... Watch Now

Stork and Grim Reaper

In a short demonstration using water and measuring cups, students observe how populations grow when the birth rate... Watch Now


In this role-playing simulation, students discover what happens to a forest when the demand for wood is greater... Watch Now

Who Polluted the Potomac?

Watch the video to see Pop Ed staff walk you through the lesson. "Who Polluted the Potomac?" is... Watch Now

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