PopEd is a Share My Lesson Content Partner

We are excited to announce that Population Education is now a Content Partner with Share My Lesson!

What is Share My Lesson?

Share My Lesson is an educational resources website home to an immense collection of free teaching resources that educators can access and share. Launched in 2012, the website gives free access to high-quality teaching materials, lesson plans, and activities, many of which are based on the Common Core standards. It is also the platform for an online community where teachers can develop ideas, discover lesson plans, and collaborate..

Why is PopEd a Share My Lesson Content Partner?

It is a win-win and exciting opportunity! PopEd’s classroom-ready materials, with an emphasis on cross-curricular, hands-on, and standards-based teaching are a great addition to the Share my Lesson resource bank. And Share My Lesson is a wide-reaching vehicle for PopEd activities to be discovered by a large new audience of educators. Check out our new Population Education page and join Share my Lesson! We have posted several activities already, and will be posting more in the coming months.