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Climate Change (Earth Matters unit)



This product is an individual unit from the high school curriculum Earth Matters. Purchase the unit now and you’ll immediately receive the unit as a PDF. Scroll down to see the list lessons plans and readings included in the unit.

Note: If you’re planning to purchase Earth Matters or have already done so, you don’t need to purchase this unit as it is included within the larger Earth Matters curriculum.

Other Earth Matters units include: Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Energy, Food and Hunger, Forests, Oceans, Personal Consumption, Population Dynamics, Public Health, Rich and Poor, Solid Waste, Urbanization, Water Resources, and The World’s Women.

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The following are included with the purchase of the unit:

Lesson Plans:

  • Generating Heat – Students graph carbon dioxide emissions and population growth over time and discuss trends they observe.
  • Carbon Crunch– Students use a timeline to explore energy-related environmental issues through history then compare countries based on their CO2 emissions and their climate vulnerabilities.
  • Methane Matters– Through graphing and guided questioning students examine the cause and effect relationship between human activities and methane production. They then research and prepare presentations on methane mitigation projects.
  • Cap and Trade Game – Students play a game that simulates a cap and trade system, and analyze its successes and weaknesses as a policy to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Background Reading:

  • Our Changing Climate – An overview of how human activities have increased greenhouse gas emissions, the many impacts of a warming planet, and policy proposals to meet the challenges of global warming.

Case Study Reading:

  • Disappearing Islands: A Climate Change Wake-Up Call – A profile of Kiribati, a nation of islands in the Central Pacific, that is affected by climate change, and what the leaders are doing about it.