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Climate Change (Earth Matters unit)


Downloadable unit from the Earth Matters curriculum. Purchase now and immediately receive the unit as a PDF.

Background Reading:

Our Changing Climate – An overview of how human activities have increased greenhouse gas emissions, the many impacts of a warming planet, and policy proposals to meet the challenges of global warming.

Case Study Reading:

Disappearing Islands: A Climate Change Wake-Up Call – A profile of Kiribati, a nation of islands in the Central Pacific, that is affected by climate change, and what the leaders are doing about it.

Unit Lesson Plans:

Generating Heat: Students graph carbon dioxide emissions and population growth over time and discuss trends they observe.

Carbon Crunch: Students use a timeline to explore energy-related environmental issues through history then compare countries based on their CO2 emissions and their climate vulnerabilities.

Methane Matters:Through graphing and guided questioning students examine the cause and effect relationship between human activities and methane production.

Cap and Trade Game: Students play a game that simulates a cap and trade system, and analyze its successes and weaknesses as a policy to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

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