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Food and Hunger (Earth Matters unit)



This product is an individual unit from the high school curriculum Earth Matters. Purchase the unit now and you’ll immediately receive the unit as a PDF. Scroll down to see the list lessons plans and readings included in the unit.

Note: If you’re planning to purchase Earth Matters or have already done so, you don’t need to purchase this unit as it is included within the larger Earth Matters curriculum.

Other Earth Matters units include: Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Energy, Forests, Oceans, Personal Consumption, Population Dynamics, Public Health, Rich and Poor, Solid Waste, Urbanization, Water Resources, and The World’s Women.

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The following are included with the purchase of the unit:

Lesson Plans:

  • Earth: The Apple of Our Eye – A visual demonstration of the limited farmland available on Earth, followed by an analysis of arable land per capita over time.
  • Good News, Bad News – Students decide whether given statements on population growth and food issues are “good news” or “bad news” and design an action plan for a food issue of their choosing.
  • Dinner for the World – Students participate in a luncheon simulation where they represent the citizen of a low-, middle-, or high-income country and must abide by the limitations of their country’s economic status.

Background Reading:

  • Feeding 10 Billion– Feeding an expanding global population and battling malnutrition among the world’s poor are challenges, especially as farmable land is used for other purposes and a changing climate affects food production.

Case Study Readings:

  • Buzzing About Bees: The Mystery of Pollinator Decline– How are pollinators critical to our food supply, and why are their populations threatened?
  • Farming in the City: A Crop of Urban Gardening Projects – A profile of some innovative urban gardening projects — like farming at baseball parks.