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Grades 9-12

Forests unit

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SUBJECTS: Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Forests, Land Use

Resource Overview

Thematic unit for the high school classroom forest land use and protection, in light of increasing demand for forest products.

Includes teaching materials that explore biodiversity, ecosystem services such as climate regulation, threats to tropical rainforests and temperate forests, and conservation strategies.

Features of This Resource

  • Unit includes 2 lesson plans, 1 case study reading, and 1 background reading.
  • Fun games for teaching about land use.
  • Role-play of various stakeholders who have real-world interests in forest management.

Unit Lesson Plans & Readings

The following are included with the purchase of the unit:

Lesson Plans

What’s at Stake for the Forest?

- Acting as different stakeholders with various interests, students play a strategy game where they work in groups to negotiate management...

Go for the Green

- Students play a board game about the fate of a rainforest where they must strategically balance economic and environmental decisions....


Deforestation: The Unkindest Cut

- Forests background reading: The world’s forests are important ecosystems in regulating climate and nurturing wildlife. This reading provides an overview...

Palm Oil Demand: Exacting a Steep Price on Tropical Forests

- Forests case study reading: The increasing demand for palm oil is taking a toll on Indonesia’s biodiversity-rich tropical rainforests.

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