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Grades 6-8

History of Population Growth unit

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SUBJECTS: Math, Science, Social Studies

TOPICS: Global Change, International Comparisons, World Population Trends/History, United Nations

Resource Overview

Thematic unit for the middle school classroom covers population growth from 1 CE to present as well as future population projections.

Most human population growth has happened in the past 200 years. Students learn about historic events that impacted population size and discover how our numbers are projected to change in the future.

Features of This Resource

  • Unit includes 4 lesson plans, 1 student reading and a summative assessment.
  • Lessons for students to practice chronological thinking and historical reasoning.
  • Thematic organization of past events offer a robust view of past population changes.

Unit Lesson Plans & Readings

The following are included with the purchase of the unit:

Lesson Plans

World Population: A Visual History

- Students watch the video, World Population, and analyze trends in human population over the last 2,000 years. Students will be...

Oh, How We’ve Grown!

- Students experience the changing pace of population growth by actively simulating the Earth’s population growth over a 500-year span and...

Timeline to 8 Billion

- Students research historical events related to food and agriculture, medicine, and science and technology and determine which events they deem...

Population Future

- Students interpret a graph showing global population projections through 2100, then create gridded bar graphs to represent the relative size...


The History of Us

- History of population growth background reading: Most human population growth has happened in the past 200 years. Students learn about...

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