Wealth of 10 Most Populous Countries infographic

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SUBJECTS: Math, Social Studies

TOPICS: International Comparisons, Wealth & Poverty

Bar graph shows the per capita GDP for the world’s ten most populous countries. Of the world’s most populous countries, the United States is the wealthiest with a per capita GDP of over $50,000 (USD), followed by China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Data is from the Population Reference Bureau, 2015.

Bar graph shows the wealth of the ten most populous countries on the planet, measured by GDP

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Infographic shows that the average size of houses in the United States has increased from 831 square feet in 1790, to 945 square feet in 1910, to 2,496 square feet in 2019. Over the same time range, the number of people living within each house as decreased. The average number of people per house in 1790 was nearly six, but by 2019 the average number of people per house had dropped to less than 2.5.

Data sources: Population Reference Bureau, 2015.