Share My Lesson is Helping Teach About Gender Equality

Share My Lesson now offers a collection of resources that focus on girls’ education and gender equality. The lesson sharing site asked PopEd for resources that underscore the importance of these topics and others relating to the status of women, and we were happy to oblige. As a content provider for Share My Lesson, we highlighted the following three Population Education lesson plans:

A Girls Life: This lesson plan explores women’s status in less developed countries and has students watch or listen to online photo essays and videos of women around the world. Students then discuss what they have learned, and then extend that knowledge with persuasive essays or book reports.

A Woman’s Place: In this lesson, students first read about and discuss a woman’s life and child bearing decisions in sub-Saharan Africa and examine the role of gender preferences in families. Students then create oral reports in groups that examine the status of women in different countries.

Kerala: A Model Case for Education: A case study examining Kerala –the Indian state that leads the country in women’s education, family planning use, and social development.