Two Earth Day Websites That are Perfect for Elementary Students

Looking for free earth day activities for elementary students? How about utilizing an engaging format most kids enjoy – video games! The following two interactive websites offer content that is perfect for this year’s earth day theme of environmental and climate literacy.

Having environmental literacy means:

  • knowledge of environmental processes and human systems
  • the ability to investigate and analyze eco-issues
  • taking person responsibility for ecological decisions
  • making sustainable decisions in our daily lives

Personal choices play a large part in this literacy, and the following online tools allow young students to examine a variety of the choices they make every day. Choices that have an eco-impact.

What is Your Footprint?

Website for Grades 3-5

Global Footprint Network’s Footprint Calculator – Upper elementary students learn how much land area it takes to support their lifestyles, discover their biggest areas of resource consumption, and learn what they can do to tread more lightly on the Earth.

Website for Grades K-2

Zero Footprint Youth Calculator – Lower elementary students consider their transportation habits, what they eat, what they do, what they use, and what they throw away to determine their ecological footprint and learn habits they can change in order to help the environment.

Happy Earth Day!