Why Plan a Population Ed In-Service?

With so many Population Ed materials on-line and at your fingertips, you might wonder what you and your fellow educators would gain from participating in one of our in-service workshops?  In short, you’ll walk away with a highly in-depth knowledge of how to teach population concepts for your specific student group, an understanding that can be hard to glean from a printed pdf. Not to mention a wealth of new resources.

Teachers demonstrate "Crowding Can Be Seedy" activityOur in-service workshops are not only fun and engaging, but also informative. Teachers participate (as if they were students!) in a series of activities that are catered specifically to what they teach, getting to see and do the lessons rather just read about them. This inter-active format allows teachers to share ideas and discuss complex issues, bringing their understanding of how to teach population concepts into much clearer focus. The workshops are highly specialized, targeted not only to the subject area/s and grade level/s focus of the participants, but also to relevant state standards including Common Core Math and Language Arts and state-level Environmental Literacy Plans. And to top it off, we send each educator home with a curriculum of choice (this can be targeted, like our 9-12th grade Earth Matters set, or a more general K-12 curriculum for groups with a broader focus).

If this sounds appealing, you’re not alone. In the past 5 years, we’ve lead over 200 professional development programs for teachers around the US and Canada. Of the teachers who attend our workshops, 4 out of 5 consistently rate our workshops as “Superior” with respect to content, usefulness, hand-outs and presentation quality. Don’t miss out – request an in-service workshop for your next staff development day.