How is Population Growth Connected to Feeding 10 Billion People?

One of the greatest challenges facing our growing population is how we will feed 10 billion people. As our global family expands by 30 percent in just a little over 30 years, experts expect we will need to double our food production if we are to accommodate both the growing number of people and their changing diets. At the same time, climate change is beginning to affect every aspect of food production, creating a lot of uncertainty about the world’s ability to meet future food needs.

New Years Eco-Resolutions

As we start the New Year many of us will have resolutions on our mind. People tend to focus their resolutions on self-improvement and often forget to consider the world we live in. Last year at PopEd, we started creating “eco-resolutions” that would serve as not only lifestyle changes but would also have positive impacts on our environment.

Here’s what some of our PopEd staff have to say about their 2015 eco-resolutions and their favorite eco-change of 2014.

What is your 2015 eco-resolution and how do you plan to keep it?


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