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6 Common Recycling Myths Debunked

Our large and increasing human population generates an incredible amount of waste that greatly impacts the environment and public health around the world. Recycling can make a big difference for our planet, but recycling correctly can be confusing and difficult. There are a host of myths, misconceptions and mysteries surrounding recycling, and what we can and cannot recycle.

World Environment Day 2015 Makes a Population Connection

Today, June 5, marks World Environment Day 2015, the theme of which is: “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume With Care.” Every person on the earth influences the environment each day through consumption of resources including water, food, and energy. With the current world population over 7 billion, there are over 7 billion individual influences on the environment every day. As you, just one in over 7 billion, consume with care today, consider the following statistics:

4 Children’s Books for Teaching How We Use and Consume Resources

Whenever we use and consume resources, by-products are created as a result and often in the form of pollution and garbage. It’s important for young students to learn about some of the ways we have an impact on the environment in our everyday lives when we use resources. Equally important is to discover ways to lessen these impacts.

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