5 New Resources for APHG and Geography Awareness Week

It’s time to “fall” for some great new classroom resources to make your students worldlier. October is when AP Human Geography classes are learning about human population trends and November is when we celebrate Geography Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “The Future of Food.” Here’s a run-down of what Pop Ed has to offer to help your students “think globally.”

  1. There are three global challenges posed by this year’s World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest and one of them is about feeding our future population – a great tie-in with Nat Geo’s Geography Awareness Week theme. High school students can win cash prizes and their teachers can earn curriculum sets. Check out all of the challenge topics, including background readings, resources for research and all of the contest details here.
  2. Our new World Population wall map is a wonderful addition to any geography classroom. Hang the cartogram on your wall to stimulate conversation, and then lead students in one of several activities in the accompanying activity guide.
  3. Part of the APHG course is learning about the Demographic Transition Model. This month, we shared a  DTM blog series explaining the stages of the model and how it relates to different countries.
  4. Attend a PopEd workshop at a social studies conference this fall. We’ll be presenting a hands-on session at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Conference in Boston (November 22), plus at their affiliate state conferences in South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. If you are planning to attend the NCSS Convention, stop by our booth in the exhibit hall for posters, CDs and more!
  5. Follow our Pop Ed tweets and Facebook posts for timely news articles on geography themes this fall.