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Video Post: Web of Life – A lesson plan on Interconnections in Nature

In an ecosystem, everything is connected to everything else, and the well-being of one can affect the well-being of all.… Read more »

What is a Population Pyramid?

Population pyramids are used by demographers as a tool for understanding the make-up of a given population, whether a city,… Read more »

How to engage AP Human Geography students in hands-on population activities

Calls came into our office this month from teachers at two DC area high schools asking for guest speakers on… Read more »

What “Matters” in the Year Ahead

The beginning of a new school year is an exciting time, but it can also be an intimidating time for… Read more »

Back to School with Population Education

Welcome to a new version of our website and the start of our PopEd Blogs.  We hope you’ll find many… Read more »