A reading for upper elementary grades that provides an age-appropriate overview of world population trends and lifestyles...
Forest loss in Indonesia and the Brazilian Amazon. Graph shows percentage of 1970s forest remaining through 2020
Forest loss in Indonesia and the Brazilian Amazon as a percentage of 1970s forest remaining in 2020.
Infographic uses Earth graphics to display human's growing global footprint from 1968 to 1993 to 2018
Earth graphics display human's growing global footprint from 1968 to 1993 to 2018.
Graphs compare shrinking size of three coral reefs over time - Great Barrier Reef, Caribbean Reef, and West Indian Ocean Reef
Comparison graphs of three coral reefs' shrinking size over recent 30 year period.
Infographic compares U.S. per capita energy use to the per capita energy use in other countries
Infographics shows that 1 person in the U.S. consumes as much energy as 2 French, 11 Indians,...
Infographic shows the average U.S. house size (in sq ft) and the average number of people per household from 1790 to 2019
Average number of people per house and average house size in the U.S., 1790-2019.
Bar graph shows the population size for the ten most populous countries on the planet
Bar graph shows the populations of the 10 most populous countries. The top 10 most populous countries...
In this role-playing simulation, students discover what happens to a forest when the demand for wood is...
Students construct a word web to show the possible cause and effect relationships of a growing population....

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