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Air Pollution and Solid Waste (People & the Planet unit)



Downloadable unit from the People and the Planet curriculum. With your purchase, you will receive the unit’s student background reading, five lesson plans, and summative assessment.

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Background Reading: The Human Footprint: Air Pollution and Solid Waste

Unit Lesson Plans:

What’s Up in the Air: Students interpret photos, along with historical accounts and online research, to deduce what human activities contribute to air pollution and suggest possible solutions.

People and Climate Change: The Data Is In: Students interpret various forms of data (graphic, written, and visual) and identify relationships between population growth, greenhouse gas emissions, temperature rise, ice melt, and sea level rise.

Scraps into Soil Lab: Students complete a lab activity to observe how organic and inorganic waste decomposes over time in a natural setting.

Market Research: Students visit the supermarket and investigate products’ containers and packaging options to determine which products would produce the least solid waste.

Secret Life of Stuff: Students compare the life cycle stages of four everyday products in order to hypothesize which item has the lowest environmental footprint. Students then pick one product and brainstorm improvements that could be made along the product’s life to minimize its eco-impact.

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