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Sustainable Future (People & the Planet unit)



Downloadable unit from the People and the Planet curriculum. With your purchase, you will receive the unit’s student background reading, six lesson plans, and summative assessment.

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Background Reading: Making a Difference for People and the Planet

Unit Lesson Plans:

If Money Won’t Buy It: Students participate in a budgeting activity to weigh everyday actions against their environmental impact.

For the Common Good: In two simulation games, students determine individual short-term consumption strategies that will maximize resources for the entire group.

Eco-Ethics: Students examine their own values by considering various environmental dilemmas and evaluating how different reactions impact the planet.

In Search of Sustainable Life: Students develop an index of the ten factors they identify as most important to a sustainable community and develop models for measuring those factors.

Take a Stand: Students articulate their thoughts on issues related to population and the environment, then research a specific issue and write a position paper using evidence to defend their stance.

In the News: Research for Tomorrow: Through planning, writing, and performing a news telecast, students use information from current events articles to create fact-based predictions about what their futures might look like.

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